Online Monitoring

An essential tool for any industry to monitor productivity

Monitoring production of any industry and accounting its downtime is becoming utmost important. Evolvics offers a perfect solution to Engineering industries for monitoring productivity and getting up-to-date information about plant’s production, efficiency, downtime, reason for stoppages etc. in any user devices like computers and smartphone mobile applications. This is in-fact a successor of PREMIER Ultimo, a market leading product in production monitoring system for Spinning mills.

  • Applicable for any engineering industry
  • Customized hardware and software setup based on industry type and user need
  • Wireless Connectivity facilities from the available machinery to centralized locations like computers and mobile apps
  • Centralized LED Status board displaying the overall process and production information
  • Alarm indications and App alerts for any deviation

Wireless Data Connectivity

  • Wireless data collection from any process line or industrial machinery
  • Live production of process lines, downtime, efficiency etc.
  • On-Machine and Mobile alerts
  • Adherence to Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Information on hand

  • Live update of factory information to mobile applications
  • Android and iOS devices compatible
  • Secured cloud server storage with high level security encryption
  • App notifications for deviations